No Ads In Our Games

We are about creating an enticing experience for you. Whether if this piece of content is part of a game's story or a difficult battle between protecting the gates of your castle, or overcoming all odds against a powerful boss while you were stuck at 2% health - we want you to have full participation in our games.

We believe advertisements in games break immersion. Regardless of where, when, and how these ads appear - the event that captivated your attention is completely gone once that ad shows up.

Why we don't want you to leave

If you gain a powerup because you decide to watch an ad or forced to watch a video after you die - that makes the whole world you're playing in crumble. Let's say you watch an advertisement for an extra life. Do you watch the ad or put down your phone and ignore it? If you're doing that, you are trying to hold onto whatever is left in the game to capture your attention.

If the ad you see does capture your attention, you're going to leave and check out whatever it is, leaving the world you were in behind.

It's not worth it for us

There are games that are available that do gross things with ads and still keep the game popular. We get it - businesses need to make money to fund their next adventure. We are in the same boat. We're not going to do that with ads though.

With all the problems of giant enterprise companies having privacy breaches, the changes that GDPR has brought to privacy polices, and the fact that ads are distracting and break gameplay - we are committed to creating games without advertisements and keeping you engaged in our worlds..

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