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    Once through the portal, you can be whatever you want to be. Fill up your sense of wonder and explore this magical, curious, and expanding universe. Welcome to 3ee Games!

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    3ee Games designs gaming experiences while continually improving accessibility best practices. 3ee Games gives back to the open source community by sharing our innovations to other game developers.

  • Looking for more, pst!

    Come hang out with the community on Discord! Our Discord community participates in many events including: Friday Night Game Night, book club, game tournaments, have in-depth discussions about all types of games, play sessions of Draw.io and Among Us, and raid with other players from MMO games.

    The 3ee Games Discord server has an entire category of channels dedicated to learning and excelling at: game development, art and design, audio and music composition, storytelling, and other areas to help increase our community's knowledge and experience in being craftsmen.

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