3EE Games YouTube Channel

We've created a mixture of game dev, playing games, and comedy Youtube channel for 3EE Games. Our goal is to bring humorous and informative content to game developers, gamers, and folks that simply enjoy hearing a good story.

What we are making

Our first endeavours with our channel will be our game trailers and prototypes, videos of 3EE devs playing their favorite games, and light hearted comedy stories.

Join us in our journey while we make exciting games, tell our stories, play games, and livin' life. We would like to have you join us!

Cupid Prototype

Using Tiles with a game engine.

Phaser & React

Phaser using React as the UI for a game.

Flappy Style

A flappy prototype packed with powerups and bosses.

Need support!

Our goal is to grow our channel and eventually design a podcast format that will integrate into our channel and start building a community around our games. We would like to offer our stories, advice, and discussions on your adventures in real life. Whether you're commuting to work or on your way to lunch - we've got entertainment to share with you!

To start supporting our new channel - subscribe, like, share, and discuss on our new Youtube channel. Let us know that you're watching and give us feedback on our content by contacting us. We would enjoy hearing from our players!

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