• About 3ee Games

    Welcome to 3ee Games, an independent game studio based in the enchanted land of Florida. Our mission is to transport you to captivating worlds that you can explore and enjoy to your heart's content.

    At 3ee Games, we are a team of passionate craftsmen who strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Our inspiration is drawn from diverse sources, including the beauty of art, the richness of history, the power of music, and the magic of folklore. We pour our hearts and souls into every game we create to ensure that they are visually stunning, emotionally engaging, and offer unique gameplay experiences.

    We believe that diversity is key to building high-performing teams. We welcome friends and coworkers from all walks of life who bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. By working together, we aim to elevate our organization and create games that capture the imagination and spark the soul.

The Team

  • Illustrator



    Nestled in a quaint village along the coast of Cuneo, Italy, Danilo brings forth his vibrant style to our team. With years of experience working with Disney, Kinder Ferrero, and Shutterstock, his artistry knows no bounds.


    • Dexterity: 97
    • Strength: 77
    • Charisma: 93
    • History: 81
    • Constitution: 56
  • Principal Engineer


    Principal Engineer

    A seasoned software engineer who has dedicated over 25 years to various industries: education, film, & retail. Now, their passion lies in crafting gaming experiences, from balancing spells to enhancing gameplay.


    • ๐Ÿ›ผ Quads: 69
    • Healing: 89
    • Wisdom: 80
    • Fire Bending: 420
    • Engineering: 90
  • Office Kat


    Office Kat

    Her agility and curiosity keep our environment in perfect balance. Always up for a game of laser pointer and loves napping in the warm Florida sun.


    • Agility: 91
    • Balance: 72
    • Dodge: 88
    • Charisma: 97
    • Hunting: 97
    • Attention: 5