• About 3ee Games

    3ee Games (pronounced "three") is a small independent game studio based in Florida. We craft engaging worlds for everyone to experience and explore. Our foundation is built upon passion for coming together as a team of craftsmen while being the best version of ourselves.

    Our inspiration is drawn from a myriad of sources including art, history, music, and folklore. All of our games have a unique aesthetic and we work assiduously to craft adventures that are immersive, emotionally provocative, and provide unique gameplay.

    A new chapter has begun. The most high - performing teams, in our opinion, have a diversity of experiences and backgrounds in addition to shared values and trust. We're looking for more friends and coworkers who can contribute different insights as they've experienced the world from different lenses. Both our organization and the games we create will benefit from it.

The Team

  • Illustrator



    Living in a small village off the coast of Cuneo, Italy, Danilo brings his vibrant, expressive, and colorful style. His experience includes Disney, Kinder Ferrero, Shutterstock.


    Danilo's style ranges from cute and cuddly to dark, mysterious, and horrifing. A perfect blend for building a world of magic and adventure.

    • Dexterity: 97
    • Strength: 77
    • Charisma: 93
    • History: 81
    • Constitution: 56
  • Principal Engineer


    Principal Engineer

    Ryan has worked in education, films, and retail industries as a software engineer for over 25 years. Now, they're making games, balancing spells, and loves quad skating.


    Ryan works with the team to create the best possible experience for our players. They're also an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

    Principal Engineer
    • 🛼 Quads: 69
    • Healing: 89
    • Wisdom: 80
    • Fire Bending: 420
    • Engineering: 90
  • Office Kat


    Office Kat

    Agile, curious, and playful, Adora keeps balance in our environment. She's a predator to the zany, fast, laser pointer and loves napping in the Florida sun.


    Aside from her duties, Adora doesn't mind splashing in a shallow pool of water.

    Office Kat
    • Agility: 91
    • Balance: 72
    • Dodge: 88
    • Charisma: 97
    • Hunting: 97
    • Attention: 5