Ornamental Santa Diffusion

When you close your eyes and think about what Santa would look like - he’s different for everyone and the hope is this model captures that sense of wonder Santa Claus brought us when we were children.

Fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model, based of F222, trained with pictures from over two hundred Santa Claus themed ornaments and knick-knacks.

Download, prompt examples, contribute: https://huggingface.co/3ee/ornamental-santa

Detailed Samples

Model Usage

✨ Use the tokens orna santa in your prompts to activate the model.

The model was trained on a wide variety of different ornaments, we encourage you to try different variations of vivid prompts. Below are examples of the model’s output.

Detailed Samples

Detailed Samples

Detailed Samples

Detailed Samples

Detailed Samples

🎨 merged models

Merging models is similar to mixing paint. By adding different models and using multiplers, you can further fine tune models with different styles.

Detailed Samples

Add more depth: Use the merged model that we’ve already compiled:

Merged Model Table

  • ornasanta - Prompts: orna santa
  • AnythingV3 - Prompts: 1girl, white hair, golden eyes, beautiful eyes, detail, flower meadow, cumulonimbus clouds, lighting, detailed sky, garden
  • MoDi - Prompts: modern disney style

This model is merged with Anythingv3 as the secondary model and Mo Di Diffusion as the tertiary model.

Checkpoint Merger Settings

Below are the settings to merge these three models as a checkpoint:

  • Primary: ornasanta
  • Secondary: AnythingV3
  • Tertiary: MoDi
  • Multiplier: 0.3

Sample Output

Beefing up the Anything model for anime style:

Basic Samples

Balacing between MoDi and Anything models:

Ornamental Style

More weight towards the MoDi model:


Additional illustration:


More high detail:


🧨 Diffusers

This model can be used just like any other Stable Diffusion model. For more information, please have a look at the Stable Diffusion.

Export the model:

For more information on how to compile this model, see https://huggingface.co/3ee/ornamental-santa.