No Ads In Our Games

Great craftsmanship when creating games takes a lot of effort and a large pile of time. Imagine battling a difficult invasion on your castle. Fire demons have the entire kingdom surrounded.

Dashing around each area, you help with stopping another attack. As you speed around the corner around one of the large pillars, you’ve noticed the left wall is taking serious damage from the fire demons. You rush over and aid the other guards with reenforcing wall.

Dispite slaying six more demons, ten more climb over the wall and immeditely all attempts to to attack. The battle doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. You’re wounded, slowly walking, feeling fatigue. Your lifebar starts to flash. Two percent life left. No health potions to chug. It’s either kill or be killed. You find yourself dueling with a demon that is just as damaged as you are. You start lining up for your final swing of the sword.

All the sudden the game slows down and pauses. You quickly break out of the feeling of being immersed within the castle. At first you think your device or internet could be having slowdown moment but the pause is followed by a pop up message that has bright neon green text: “Basketball NFT collections. Get your new set now this season.” Near the bottom of the message is a large yellow button that says “Buy Now!“.

The game had your attention and participation. Did you enjoy how you were jolted out of that experience and shown an advertisement? Advertisements break immersion. Regardless of where, when, and how these ads inject themselves into a game - the event that captivated your attention is completely is now on hold, waiting for your response to the brightly colored banner that doesn’t look like it belongs in a tattered, damaged, damp castle that is under seige.


There are games that employ a “choose your own adventure” style for integrating advertisements. The player will run out of lives. However, if the player wants to continue they can watch an advertisement. After the ad is done playing, the player is rewarded three more lives.

It doesn’t matter how the advertisments are integrated into the game… you’re still watching a commercial for another brand while playing a video game.

your privacy is important to us

With all the problems of giant enterprise companies having privacy breaches, the changes that GDPR has brought to privacy polices, and the fact that advertisements are distracting and break gameplay - 3ee Games is committed to creating amazing games without advertisements.

3ee Games has invested in developing options for players customize your privacy online instead exposing your information to third party marketing firms. With a 3ee Games account, you can:

  • Control your privacy settings in your account profile by turning off or on analytics.
  • Easily toggle on & off your email address from our monthly email through your account profile.
  • We do not use cookies on our website, period. 3ee Games is a first-party experience. We do not use third-party cookies to track your activity on our website.
  • Quickly contact us for information about your privacy, terms of service, and report player conduct.
  • Provide friendly and readable privacy policy, terms of service, and code of conduct agreements.
  • Our website is accessible and is functional with many devices such as screen readers and captioning. Everyone can control their privacy.

At 3ee Games, our players control their privacy, what they want to subscribe to, provide readable terms, all accessible from the platform of their choice.

Bad Monetization Hurts Games

The nature of developing free to play games often gets stuck into putting profits ahead of good game design. Pay walls and pay to win monetization strategies corrupt the adventure for all players. Many of these types of games have given free to play games bad and slimy reputations. Those games are not displays of great craftsmanship and go against our core design prinicples: creating refined, quality, and iterative adventures.